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For years, the Internet has a variety of different chats established. Initially these chats were still comparatively simple structure and presented to users only basic functions such as sending messages or setting up of topic-specific chat rooms available. With time, however, the offer has increasingly evolved and adapted to technical developments and expanded possibilities of the Internet. Later than the date, than even in cheap laptops and netbooks cameras were already installed, the increased popularity of offers in the field of webcam chat to new heights. Now it was possible not only to exchange written messages to the other party, but to talk about the webcam chat and face to face. To become one of the most successful representatives of the webcam chat Chatroulett the provider has evolved in recent years. Chatroulette is a website that focuses exclusively on video chats and can be used since November 2009. The special thing about Chatroulette is also especially the opportunity to random chat. During a normal webcam chat users can independently select who they would like to start a conversation is meant by the term random chat further development of these classic works. This Chatroulett connects two users who have logged on their camera to webcam chat and establishes a one-to-one chat between the two parties a chance and automatically. Furthermore, it is possible to communicate by each microphone or webcam. Of course, users of Chatroulett can communicate with each other if one or both users should have no headset or built-in microphone as well as text messages. The chats on chat roulette can be canceled by the participants at any time. If one of the random chat partner is not so satisfied, you can make this any time "throw" and Chatroulett automatically and randomly selects another available from users. Unwanted chat partner you can always click away with the next button or the F9 key and assign the result to be a new opponent. Similarly, it is also possible that you will not even desired by the caller and is thus dismissed it. It is, however, no effect in a random chat as Chatroulett and thus must accept the decisions of other users. If you have a partner once accidentally thrown out, though one would have liked to had a conversation, it is difficult to find these again. Due to the randomness other users can not be searched or saved by their user name. So you want a second time with a particular person chat in chat roulette, it is necessary to have a good dose of luck to get randomly assigned to the same partners. Another option is of course the exchange of contact information (for example, the e-mail address) in order to evade Offers subsequently to another webcam chat or the known social media can. In principle, any interested party to use the random chat immediately. The only prerequisites are an internet browser and an installed Flash Player. A fast internet connection should be present in every case in order to ensure a smooth presentation of the webcam chat and video transmission. The innovative and new approach to the subject Webcam Chat, Chat Roulette came because of press reports and links to great prominence relatively quickly. In 2010, it is with "Chatroulette" even at the fastest spreading worldwide on Google search. In addition, there are also numerous extensions that allow the integration of the concept of Chatroulett in social networks and other services today.