The rules of Chatroulette

While it was still possible to start to participate, without logging in to the random chat, it has become necessary since the middle of 2012 to register for the webcam chat to utilize the offer. Apart from this, the rules that are set by Chatroulette to its users, relatively simple. Thus, the random chat is only its users before a minimum age of 18 years. In addition, the proliferation of spam and advertising messages also banned the counterfeiting of video streams (for example, issuing a stream of another person for the treasury) is strictly prohibited. However, one of the most central and important rules represents the default of Chatroulett ban naked to present themselves in webcam chat or by others to require to undress.

In violation of these prohibitions, threatens users of a lock of the account, or a block of the offer. The prohibition of nudity on Chatroulette is not by accident. The anonymity and the possibility of rapid, at any time change the interlocutors seem to have been exercised at the beginning of a certain erotic appeal to many users. Therefore, the probability is relatively large, to be confronted with a stay at Random Chat with lewd or pornographic content. The age limit of 18 years is therefore quite understand. Despite the ban, there are always users who live out her exhibitionist tendencies in webcam chat or are looking for other participants with similar inclinations. This fact is supported especially by the fact that Chatroulette unlike other relevant adult services is free of charge and each is therefore practically impossible to present themselves naked or watching others on cam strips or the like. However, since there are no moderators on chat roulette, as it often is in a webcam chat usual, it is questionable to what extent compliance with the rules is checked. Nevertheless, users have the ability to respond specifically to offensive, pornographic or otherwise unlawful conduct. If you discover such violations as a user, you can report the corresponding user to the operator of the site. In ToyChatroulett that works relatively simply by pressing the F2 key, or by clicking on a specially designated button in the random chat program window. Another important point that should Chatroulett the visitors of note is the fact that the transmitted video streams can also be recorded from the opposite at any time. While this is forbidden on the part of Random Chat provider ausdrücklick not, but it is clearly warned against doing nothing in front of the camera, which could hurt one's own person.